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Our Results

One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do is knowing our efforts are making a real difference to the struggling communities who are benefiting from our clients’ programs. Over the past ten years, TNI has been privileged to partake in several trips with our clients to some of these developing areas. These trips were real eye-openers for all in attendance and allowed us to see first-hand the incredible impact these organizations have in the communities where they work.

In 2005, TNI took its first trip to El Salvador alongside World Vision to visit the child our Employee Giving Fund had chosen to sponsor in the community of Tacuba - a little boy named Nery. A subsequent trip that year already revealed impressive improvements through World Vision’s work there. Christal Fenning, Agency Owner, was a part of this second trip and it was there that she took a picture of herself with a baby girl in Tacuba. Little did she know, only a few weeks later, a picture folder of that same child, Zaira, would show up in her office. It was meant to be, and Christal and her husband began sponsoring her.

We received word from World Vision in October of 2012 that through their sponsorship program, Tacuba had reached its ultimate goal of sustainability and self-sufficiency. It was exciting but bittersweet news for us as this meant that our sponsorship of Nery would also be ending. We decided we wanted to go back one more time, to celebrate this accomplishment with World Vision and Tacuba, to witness the improvements realized there, and to say our good-byes. So in January of 2013, a group from TNI travelled back to El Salvador with World Vision for a third and final visit.

Eight years after that first picture was taken, Christal and her husband journeyed back to El Salvador with TNI on their farewell trip and got to visit their sponsored little girl one more time. The trip was documented by World Vision camera crews, who captured this emotional and unforgettable event. We are proud to share a segment from this video here which highlights Christal’s experience.